Electronic Conspicuity: the FLYER test

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The CAA offer of a £250 rebate towards EC kit means there’s never been a better time to make the aircraft you fly more electronically visible, but there’s a lot to think about. Ian Seager gets airborne with the kit you might be considering…

Let me get straight to the point, well, several points. First, there’s funding available to help you with your Electronic Conspicuity solution. That’s very good news. The Department for Transport (DfT) should be thanked and if you qualify (most of us do), you should take advantage to make the aviation world a better place.

Second, there are great solutions available right now but there’s no one-box solution that will do everything. It doesn’t exist, it may never exist and while doing nothing while you wait for it to exist is always an option, I don’t think it is a particularly good one.

Third, I know that PilotAware has some concerns about my own preference for ADS-B giving bias to this feature. If you want to know what I think personally, then read my column here. As far as this review is concerned, I’ve dug out my extra straight bat, and I’ll be using it, metaphorically, throughout this article.

There’s an Electronic Conspicuity thread running on the FLYER forum that has 1,063 posts – over 71 pages. It’s had 42,883 views and, as with most long forum threads, it’s a mixture of fantastic technical information, informed views and great summaries alongside entrenched positions (with forum posters stuck on transmit), and a sprinkling of comments that might make you want to poke your eyes out with a sharp stick.

This article is not a rehash of those arguments. This article is about a group of normal, everyday pilots who wanted to find out about Electronic Conspicuity in real aeroplanes in the real world.

Our three aircraft for this Electronic Conspicuity real world test: Cessna 182, Jodel and Van’s RV-8 Photos: Ed Hicks

We gathered four aircraft and some great friends of FLYER together with a selection of EC kit, both fitted and portable, and went flying. Our collection of emitting options totalled:

Two fixed ADS-B solutions, one fully certified and one in an RV-8 Two SkyEcho 2s with one putting out ADS-B (the other only acting as a receiver) A PilotAware Rosetta, putting out its proprietary P3i FLARM Our transponders, all of which were Mode S.

We figured

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