Have wings, will travel

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Sometime in the next couple of weeks I’ll be pulling up stakes and heading west to Texas. It is there I will pick up a Cessna 152 that looks exactly like my company car and fly it home to central Florida.

You might think of this as a ferry flight. However, I do not.

With the help of readers like you, I choose to believe this could be a real adventure. An adventure anyone who flies could easily replicate — and maybe they should.

Here’s the deal.

Jamie’s “company car.”

My route will take me from just west of Houston, Texas, to the geographic center of the Florida peninsula. That’s 740 nautical miles in a drafty 40-year-old trainer in the middle of winter. It snowed in Texas just the other day. I’m going to have to wear my winter shorts and fur-lined flip-flops to make this trip work out. Yikes.

Truthfully, I’m really looking forward to this. We Americans sometimes take the size and scope of our nation for granted. Which might make some think, “Big deal. East Texas to Florida? That’s nothing.”

If I were in Europe, the value of this trip might be more obvious. This same distance would take me from London, across the English Channel, over Belgium and the Netherlands, across all of Germany, and through better than half of Poland. My ultimate destination might well be Warsaw. Now that sounds a bit more culturally stimulating than Texas to Florida, doesn’t it?

Obviously, I’m not thinking about making this a non-stop journey. The fuel tanks simply won’t allow for that.

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