Garmin adds new elearning courses

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Garmin has added two new eLearning training courses for the G1000 NXi, as well as two new eLearning courses for the G1000H NXi integrated flight deck for helicopters.

The G1000 NXi Fundamentals eLearning Course provides a foundational understanding of the system, while the G1000 NXi Essentials eLearning Course is focused on systems installed in high-performance piston and turbine engine aircraft.

The two eLearning courses for the G1000H NXi integrated flight deck titled G1000H NXi Fundamentals, and G1000H NXi Advanced-IFR, use scenario-based training to highlight helicopter-specific operations and are tailored for pilots new to the G1000H NXi system, in addition to those with experience wanting a deeper understanding of the system, according to Garmin officials.

All four courses build on a common core of training topics, including:

Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multifunction Display (MFD) function Audio Panel Features Automatic Flight Control System Hazard Avoidance Features Safety Features Abnormal Operations Managing Databases Operational Flight Scenario Best practices for G1000 NXi operational use

Available immediately after purchase using a computer or tablet with internet access, pilots can navigate through the virtual course at their own pace. Assessments throughout the course validate knowledge obtained of critical items while documenting the learning process. Pilots can retake specific lessons or even the entire course during the subscription period.

The G1000 NXi Fundamentals eLearning course is available for $94.95, while the G1000 NXi Essentials eLearning Course is $145.95. The G1000H NXi Fundamentals eLearning Course is $74.95, while the G1000H NXi Advanced IFR eLearning Course is $94.95.

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