End of April extension to revalidate by experience

The main rating extension exemption ended on 22 November 2020 but there are still some alleviations available until 30 April 2021, as Ed Bellamy explains

For those who subscribe to the CAA’s Skywise email alerts, you may have seen a message on 12 November saying that the April exemptions that allowed the extension of licence ratings until 22 November will end as scheduled. At the time of writing in mid-November that appears to be the current position.

So where does that leave us if you have a rating or medical due to expire shortly? Despite the ending of the main exemptions, there are some minor alleviations that continue.

The CAA update reminds us that Department for Transport advice is that during the current lockdown period flights for engine health, maintenance check flights and for the maintenance of ‘currency’ are allowed (link to the latest DfT guidance provided at the end), but the scope and duration should be kept to a minimum. It is worth noting that ‘currency’ does not have a legally distinct meaning in Aircrew regulations, although I think it does have a common sense meaning to pilots, which to my mind would include revalidating a rating.

For ratings that normally require revalidation by proficiency check, extension beyond the 22 November is not possible – normal procedures now apply. For aeroplane ratings that can be revalidated by experience, there is still an active exemption (At the time of writing ORS4 1418 for ANO licences, 1416 for EASA) that allows some reductions in the normal experience requirements. This covers Single Engine Piston (SEP), Touring Motor Glider (TMG), Self-Launching Motor Glider (SLMG) and the suite of ratings that may be attached to an NPPL(A). Please note it does not cover the LAPL ‘rolling validity’.

The exemption is currently in force until 30 April 2021, and for those who have managed some flying but not the magic 12 hours prior to rating expiry, this may provide an alternative to taking a proficiency check with an examiner.

The CAA provide the following alternative revalidation by experience requirements that are permitted until 30 April 2021:

Flight Time Relevant for Revalidation by Experience* Minimum Take-Offs/Landings Minimum Cumulative Total Refresher Training with an Instructor 11 or more – less than 12 15/15 1 hour 10 or more – less than 11 16/16 1 hour 9 or more – less than 10 17/17 1.5 hours 8 or

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