Classic Aero-TV: Sportys Academy 2019–Creating A Proper Flight Training Culture

Sun, Feb 07, 2021

Sporty’s is well known for their line of products for pilots, having been a part of the aviation landscape for decades. But less-well known is the company’s in-airplane flight training, according to Sporty’s Academy president and COO Eric Radtke, who spoke recently with Aero-News Editor-in-Chief Jim Campbell.

Sporty’s says that the Academy is committed to its students success, and is proud of a success rate more than double the national average.

Sporty’s credits this success to its modular approach to flight training, employing the right tools to ensure educational quality and effectiveness, and its dedication to making the pilot training experience fun and customer-centric.

Radtke says that part of that success rate is tied to the overall culture of the company. Building a culture of community takes an organizational-wide effort. Customers expect to feel welcomed and part of the aviation community as they come through the door for the very first time. While the nature of flight training is largely an individual effort, customers will have a more positive outlook and enthusiasm understanding they are not alone in their pursuits. There are other customers experiencing the same challenges and accomplishments. And there must be an appreciation and recognition whenever possible for aviation milestones.

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