Classic Aero-TV: King School Outlook–Looking At The Future of Flight Training

Mon, Feb 08, 2021

The founders of one of the best-known flight training businesses say they are seeing a shift in the focus of people beginning flight training.

In an interview with Aero-News Editor in Chief Jim Campbell at AirVenture 2018, John King said that more people are starting their flight training with the intention of going into an aviation career, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. King said that as they continue their training, they may realize that they don’t want to work for a big company and be traveling all the time, but will fall in love with flying.

Martha King said that the surge in interest in drones will have an overall positive impact on the general aviation community. As people get more involved in drones and RC model aircraft, they learn more about aviation in general, and will sometimes transition to manned aircraft.

John King said one of the problems facing the flight training industry is the number of instructors and FAA examiners is not keeping up with the demand caused by in increase in pilot candidates. The issue, he said, is not getting them in the door, but rather getting them through the pipeline and out the other end as a certified pilot.

Martha said that flight schools and instructors need to be better organized with a clear plan of action in an effort to keep students, particularly those who are not planning on an aviation career, interested and motivated so that they will complete their training.

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