King Schools Add Another Free Online Course To Their Roster

Mon, Feb 08, 2021

Aircraft Marshalling: Learning the Language

Most of us learned the rudiments of ‘marshalling’ the hard way… slowly, via osmosis. We got bits and pieces of info under the tutelage of our instructors, and through chatting with other pilots, or by watching the ramp as other airplanes came and went. Most of us had these details imparted incrementally since there were really no resources that covered the topic from A to Z.

The Kings have put together a course, for free no less, that covers this very topic… You’ll learn the array of ground signals and other info you might see on busy airport ramps — and for free.

The King Schools aircraft marshalling course for pilots shows you all about the ground signals you might see on busy ramps, fly-ins, and aviation events. It has been produced to give you the tools needed to arrive and depart safely and efficiently from any busy ramp.

You will also learn what signals to give back to the marshaller when necessary, don’t just guess what the marshaller wants to see. You will learn Marshalling signals used on arrival and shut-down, start-up and departure, specialty and seldom-used signals, risk management and best practices.

What You will Learn: Marshalling signals used on arrival and shut-down Marshalling signals for start-up and departure Specialty and seldom-used signals Risk management and best practices FMI:
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