Schweiss Doors introduces Superstructure, Triple-Leg Stand-Alone hydraulic door

New from Schweiss Doors is the Superstructure Triple-Leg Stand-Alone Door design.

The new design transfers the weight of the door to the footings that support the hydraulic door, eliminating the need for additional side columns from the building manufacturer, offering a “significant building cost reduction,” according to company officials.

The hydraulic door and framework are designed to help support the building structure, officials explain.

“It’s a free-standing door that has its own superstructure framework attached and can be added to a new or existing building,” company officials said in a prepared release. “The doorframe mounts on the new Triple-Leg Stand-Alone, self-supported doorframe, eliminating the need for the building manufacturer to incorporate a building truss or building header to support the hydraulic door.”

The new door comes pre-assembled, pre-welded, and pre-hung from the factory within a pre-squared frame, “saving hours of installation time” and “simplifying the installation process,” company officials said.

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