Zooming Into Ground School

Allie Dunnington explains how online ground school took off in 2020.

New GAAC Board Member Allie Dunnington, representing the British Balloon & Airship Club (BBAC) and British Women Pilot’s Association (BWPA), explains the success of her weekly ONLINE GROUND SCHOOL sessions in a new article published on the GAAC website.

Almost a year since everyone was pushed towards online meetings, and with many students grounded for much of that time, Zoom has become a popular medium for online classes and has the benefit of bringing together students (and others looking to ‘brush up’ their knowledge) from around the world.

It seems likely now, as we (hopefully) Zoom out of Lockdown, that online classes will become an invaluable part to studying towards a PPL.

GAAC would also be interested to hear from others who have made a success of online learning while Covid restrictions have kept them away from their flying lessons.

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