In the market for an airplane?

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has launched its own Aircraft Guide to provide pilots looking to buy an airplane information they need to make the right choice for them.

The online resource lists nearly 90 aircraft that are currently in production, from single-engine pistons to twins, turbines, and rotorcraft.

The guide includes a model overview, specifications, performance, and limiting and recommended airspeeds.

It also includes links to AOPA articles and pilot reports for each aircraft, as well as photographs.

If you are an AOPA member, you can use the association’s Vref online aircraft valuation service to determine the value of your trade-in or the value of older models of listed aircraft. The site will also feature the AOPA loan calculator.

Additional aircraft will be added regularly to the guide, according to AOPA officials.

“This aircraft guide is the fruition of a lot of work here at AOPA and is more extensive than anything like it in the industry,” said Kollin Stagnito, AOPA vice president of publications. “We will continue to add information, making it the biggest directory of used and new aircraft on the internet. This will be a tremendous resource for anyone at any point in the buying spectrum.”

The AOPA Aircraft Guide can be found at

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