Understanding the rules surrounding the SOLI process

A briefing note from the Independent Flight Examiners’ and Instructors’ Association:

UK Licenced Instructors/Examiners who have not SOLI’d to an EASA Licence

…may continue to exercise the privileges of their licence for UK licence holders only. They may not offer flight training or examining for EASA courses (unless they have express permission from the EASA member state or obtained an FCL 900c or 1000c approval). From 1st January, 2021 such instructors and examiners may not teach or examine on EASA courses. From 1st January, 2021 – UK issued examiner certificates and instructor qualifications are no longer accepted in the EU to conduct skills tests/proficiency checks or assessments of competence for the issue, revalidation or renewal of EASA Part FCL licences, ratings or certificates.

UK Licenced Instructors/Examiners who hold a UK FCL Licence and have obtained an EASA FCL 900c/1000c approval from a Member State 

…may continue to teach and examine UK licence holders in accordance with their UK FCL certificates. They may also teach and examine EASA licence holders under the direction of an EASA approved ATO in the UK. Any instruction and the examining conducted at a facility or using the equipment which is not EASA approved or conducted within an EU member State will not be accepted as part of an application for the issue, revalidation or renewal of an EASA Part FCL licence, rating or certificate. Revalidation of the 900c/1000c qualifications will be under the direction of the EASA member state which has issued them. Pilots holding these approvals may only use them in a ‘third’ country and at an EASA approved ATO.

Ex UK Instructors/Examiners who SOLI’d out and received their licence prior to 31st December, 2020 and who do not currently hold a UK Part FCL Licence.

…may continue to instruct/examine UK licence holders in accordance with the privileges of their EASA licence until the validity of their certificates expire or until 2 years has elapsed, whichever comes first, in accordance with the UK Withdrawal Act Transitional Arrangements. Subject to the Examiner and Instructor qualification having been issued by the UK CAA prior to 31st December, 2020 *

Instructors/Examiners holding an instructor or examiner qualification issued by any EASA member state prior to December 31st 2020.

…will be able to continue instructing or examining, undertaking skill tests, Proficiency Checks and/or assessments of Competence for UK Part FCL licence holders, for the period of their licence/rating/certificate

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