Picture of the Day: Fly in ice fishing


A deeply flawed but wonderful place to work

A dilapidated hangar is the almost magical destination a few dozen teenagers consider to be their home inside the airport fence. It’s where skills are learned, pride is developed, and the path to a better, brighter, more affluent future is glimpsed for the first time by kids who have never had an outlet for their aeronautical dreams.


Gender based bias is myopic — or worse

Beyond all logic and reason there remains a group of nitwits who disparage female pilots because…now, brace yourself for this logic…they’re women.


Fantastic February is filled with opportunity

February is an awkward sort of month. At this point in the year winter is fierce and feels never ending. But if you look, you may find more important things to focus on as winter drags on. I’ll offer my suggestion for two relevant considerations right here: The AOPA Flight Training Scholarships and the live webcast of this year’s R.A. “Bob” Hoover Trophy presentation.


Would you fly more if it cost less?

Think there’s no way you could own an airplane? That belief is not based on objective facts, but opinion — an opinion that is largely based on erroneous information, supposition, and perhaps just a tinge of fear. The truth is you probably can afford to own an airplane.

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