ICARUS Smart View Limiting Device introduced

ICARUS Devices has introduced its Smart View Limiting Device for instrument flight and weather decision making training.

The ICARUS Device uses Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film to electronically alter the pilot’s visibility, bringing the power of a simulator into the aircraft, according to company officials.

The app allows the instructor to surprise their students with degraded visual conditions. Instructors can control the transition rate and track simulated IMC time.

The ICARUS Device was invented by Nick Sinopoli in 2014 after losing a friend to a spatial disorientation accident. In 2016 he was awarded a patent for the device.

The helicopter device’s visor can affix to the standard NVG mount.

ICARUS simulates IIMC with a sudden visibility reduction during low level VFR flight in order to build recognition and recovery decision skills and emphasize positive aircraft control while exiting IMC, company officials explain.

The general aviation visor folds flat and attaches to a baseball hat.

Instructors can also replicate a gradual visibility reduction during VFR flight to build awareness and abort criteria decision skills and teach safe techniques for avoiding IMC. For IFR approach training ICARUS can simulate a realistic breakout into marginal conditions seamlessly.

The helicopter device is $1,500, while the airplane device is $1,000.

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