Applications open for scholarship

The Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship is now open for applications from students pursuing an aviation degree from a college or university within the United States.

Since its initial launch in 2014, 26 students have been awarded the scholarship, many of whom are now making a positive impact in their local aviation communities, according to company officials.

Applications must include a short essay. The essay should detail the applicant’s interest in aviation, future career path, and how they intend to complete their aviation program. Applicants also have the option to include a letter of recommendation.

Scholarship recipients will be required to maintain a weekly blog in which they highlight their experiences with flight training, course work, and their continued participation in the aviation community.

The scholarship will be awarded in increments of $250 twice during the fall semester and twice during the spring semester to fund flight fees and progress the student’s training.

Deadline to apply is Aug. 15, 2021. Scholarship winners will be notified no later than Sept. 1 of their selection and acceptance into the program.

The application can be accessed at

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