Aspen Evolution 1000 PFD Included in PAL-V Liberty

Thu, Mar 25, 2021

‘First’ Commercial Flying Car Fills Out Its Panel

Aspen Avionics reports that the Evolution 1000 Primary Flight Display has been selected by manufacturers of the PAL-V, the first flying car.

After being the first flying car to get road permission for Europe, PAL-V is now also reportedly the first to finalize the full certification basis with EASA. Based on PAL-V’s 10 years of test results, EASA specialist teams finalized the requirements for the PAL-V Liberty including the installation of the Aspen Evolution 1000 Primary Flight Display.
“We designed the Evolution product display over 15 years ago to be the most flexible and affordable electronic flight instrument system in the general aviation marketplace. With over 20,000 displays installed worldwide, we never imagined that an Aspen primary flight display would be among those installations in the first commercial flying car,” said Cory Relling, international regional sales manager, Aspen Avionics.
“Aspen Avionics has been a trusted partner in the development of the PAL-V Liberty flying car. Over the 10-year journey of design and flight testing, we were determined to install systems that have a proven track record; with equipment that is easy to operate and companies that share our determination of safety as a key factor in PAL-V’s development. Aspen Avionics checked all the boxes,” said Jeroen van de Braak, Supply Chain Manager at PAL-V.

The EASA type certificate for the PAL-V is valid for Europe and is also accepted in 80% of the world market, including the US and China.


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