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Not every pilot has a need for a flight helmet, but for those that do, it is definitely a necessary piece of equipment. Recognizing that need, set out to build a line of helmets that meet the needs of today’s pilots, and will also refurbish a favorite helmet if you have one you just can’t part with.

GM Bell, owner of, told ANN news editor Tom Patton that the company’s basic helmets can be configured with a variety of electronics to suit the pilot’s particular mission.

Bell said the company is the first to be certified by LightSpeed aviation to install their headset components designed for use in helmets into a third-party helmet.

Bell started in the helmet business when he was a kid. His family were all collectors, and he gravitated towards aviation items, and WWII gear in particular. He eventually wanted to offer people a product they could use rather than just collect, and the business was born.

A basic new helmet from is priced at $999. A refurbishment is difficult to estimate because of the varying conditions of the helmet being modified, but it would start at about $200 if all that was needed is new comm gear. Replacing parts, paint and other services add to the cost, he said.

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