Simulator Training Course In The Works for F2-CS

Sun, Mar 28, 2021

Will Support The Certified Version Of The New Flight Design F2, Called the F2-CS

Flight Design USA has selected Professional Instrument Courses (PIC) to assist in developing a simulator training course for the upcoming certified version of the new Flight Design F2, called the F2-CS in the United States. 

PIC is a Connecticut based company that travels to customers with their simulators and instructors, allowing what they report to be a cost-effective and time-effective system for getting and maintaining an Instrument Rating.

“We are very excited to be working with PIC for our planned simulator syllabus for the F2-CS, which is planned to be sold in the USA as an IFR approved certified aircraft, said Flight Design USA  President, Tom Peghiny. PIC has been in business for over 40 years now and there is a good reason, their focus on the client and their professional approach to Instrument training.”

The F2 is the newest aircraft from Flight Design general aviation. The F2 was designed to ‘bring a fresh look at high-wing light aircraft design.’ The ‘extra-large’ cabin of the F2 has been designed for extra rigidity and incorporates a combination of panel-mounted AMSAFE airbags and an Airframe Emergency Parachute System (AEPS) for safety. The atmosphere inside the F2 is improved with many features, the modern heating/fresh air system and comfortable leather covered, 2 way-adjustable seating.

The F2 was designed specifically for CS-23 certification and to meet the ASTM F3180 low-speed flight characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft standard for departure characteristics, spinning, and stall warning.  Sculpted winglets reduce induced drag, improve climb and cruising range. The smooth cantilever strutless wing also reportedly reduces drag and allows solid visibility from the cockpit. The optimized airfoil of the F2 allows generous internal volume for the fuel tanks and is also structurally efficient.


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