Daher Launches Updated Kodiak 100 Series III

Tue, Mar 30, 2021

Series III Aircraft Offer Eight-Seat Executive Edition Cabin With Club-Type Seating

The Kodiak 100 Series III has been unveiled. Marking its official launch was Monday’s delivery of the first Kodiak 100 Series III to Rick and Adam Ross in Sandpoint, Idaho, which will be followed later in the week by a second aircraft’s handover to another owner/operator.

“With these latest upgrades and quality improvements, the most modern, rugged, and reliable aircraft in its class is now even better with the Kodiak 100 Series III,” said Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division, and CEO of Kodiak Aircraft. “This latest version underscores Daher’s commitment to continual improvement for its airplane family, and further aligns the Kodiak’s attributes with those of our TBM very fast turboprop aircraft.”
Offered on Series III aircraft is the eight-seat Executive Edition cabin with club-type seating for passengers, air conditioning with controls for both the cockpit and cabin zones, as well as an increased oxygen capacity. Enhanced quality exterior paint is an option, provided with an extended three-year warranty.
Among the Kodiak 100 Series III’s upgrades is the first integration of the GWX 75 Doppler-capable, fully stabilized color weather radar on a Kodiak. This radar’s high-definition color palette enables more detailed contouring of storm cells, which is combined with its exceptional range and adjustable scanning profiles.
Also contributing to the Kodiak 100 Series III’s augmented flight safety is standard equipment that includes the G1000 NXi, the GFC700 autopilot with full envelope protection and level mode, an AOA indicator, SurfaceWatch runway monitoring technology, ChartView-enabled card, and the Synthetic Vision Technology for virtual flight reference.

The Kodiak’s versatility is improved with incorporation of the largest tire size available for this aircraft (29 inches), a higher landing weight of 7,255 lb., and a lower zero-fuel weight that allows more payload – especially on shorter missions.
Kodiak 100 Series III aircraft are float-ready for seaplane operations, and the standard pitch latch propeller allows for easy maneuvering at the dock by enabling the propeller to stay in a fine pitch during engine shutdown – giving greater control and safety on the water. Additionally, skin gap fillet sealant is the fifth step in an anti-corrosion process, providing protection especially in high salinity environments.
Completing the standard package for Kodiak 100 Series III aircraft is the four-year Kodiak Care maintenance program, which covers scheduled maintenance up to the fourth

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