A tale of new scissors

You may be entertained to know that I now own a brand spanking new pair of scissors. They were reasonably priced, easy to find, and quick to purchase. The only quibble I might have with this particular purchase is that I wasn’t actually shopping for a pair of scissors.

I wanted a knife. And the store had a wonderful selection of knives. I just couldn’t buy any of them.

More on that later.

You may be equally entertained to know that I am on the ground today in Jennings, Louisiana. A town located directly on the south side of Interstate 10. I have driven past in years gone by, but never stopped in for as much as a burger.

Today is different. Low scud, high winds, and a persistent frontal system that refuses to move out of my way has me and my little airplane spending a second day in Jennings. 

Did I mention that I’m driving around in a newer Dodge van that was given to me by a remarkably friendly guy named Brad. Yes, given to me.

“Treat it like it’s your own,” Brad said.

Fortunately for him, I’m treating it better than I would if it was my own. I appreciate the loaner more than I can say. 

Brad operates Gulf Air at the Jennings Airport (3R7) along with his brother and a string of sons and sons-in-law who seem to be everywhere. They fueled my little C-152 when I asked for go-juice. They provided tie-down straps beefy enough to hold a helicopter onto the deck of an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. In short, these folks who have never seen me before and have little reason to think I’ll be back any time soon treated me like a long-lost relative. 

Brad, Gulf Air, and Jennings, Louisiana, is what exceptional customer service looks like. 

Now, back to the scissors story.

My task this past week was to travel to Houston, Texas, to meet up with my good buddy and professional counterpart, Pat Brown. Pat

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