Garmin Pilot adds graphical weather briefings and NAVAID NOTAMs

Garmin has added new features to the Garmin Pilot app on iPads or iPhones, including the ability to generate a graphical weather briefing from Leidos Flight Service, plus graphical NAVAID NOTAMs to depict when a NAVAID has limitations or is out of service.

Other recent enhancements include new NOTAM filtering options and a VFR trip briefing for subscribers in Europe, according to company officials.

Leidos Flight Service weather briefing

Pilots in the United States and Canada can now access the Leidos graphical weather briefings within the Garmin Pilot app, providing advanced and up-to-date information before a flight, Garmin officials report.

“This next generation weather briefing contains aeronautic information and meteorological data similar to what is provided by a specialist at 1-800-WX-BRIEF, including adverse weather conditions, forecast weather, and more in a printable PDF format,” officials said.


Also included with this update are NAVAID NOTAMs that graphically depict the active status of a NAVAID. When a NAVAID is out of service, withdrawn, or unusable, Garmin Pilot depicts the NAVAID symbol in red to alert the pilot. A NAVAID depicted in orange indicates the NAVAID has limitations, such as VOR/DME that is not maintained.

For access to additional information, pilots may position the radial menu over these NOTAMs. NAVAID NOTAMs are also available in split screen mode using the NOTAM widget.

Airspace and NOTAM filters

The new airspace and NOTAM filters make it easier to declutter airspaces and NOTAMs on the dynamics map, allowing pilots to better focus on airspaces and NOTAMs relevant to their flights, according to company officials.

To enable these new decluttering options, select Filters from the Map Layer icon on the Map page. Filters

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