Virtual IA renewals tops 2,500

For years, Concorde Battery Corporation has been holding recurrent training events around the country, providing a free Inspection Authorization Renewal Series. When the pandemic hit in early 2020 and shuttered in-person events, company officials pivoted and began offering the free training online.

The inaugural Virtual IA Renewal Series event in January 2021 had nearly 1,500 attendees via virtual connection. This was the largest IA Seminar ever held and included participants from all over the world, according to company officials.

In March, Concorde presented the Northeast Concorde Battery Virtual IA Renewal Series in conjunction with the Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association (WAMA). This event provided a last-minute opportunity to complete IA Renewal Training ahead of the March 31 application deadline.

Concorde Battery representatives also participated in online courses eligible for IA and AMT credit hosted by the Helicopter Association International (HAI), universities, colleges, associations, and the FAA across the nation this year. These virtual events resulted in training more than 2,500 individuals so far in 2021.

“The industry needed it. Concorde stepped up big this year,” confirms Dave Schiavone, Area Sales Manager and host of the Concorde Northeast Virtual IA Renewal Series. “There was little opportunity for these professionals to train for IA recertification in 2021. We had to find a way to present this information.”

“Concorde Battery Corporation has provided IA training in South Carolina for 23 years. When several IA seminars in Florida and Tennessee were shuttered in 2017, Concorde Battery revived those seminars in order to provide continuity for those technicians to recertify each year,” said Chris Holder, Eastern US Sales Manager and founder of the South Carolina IA Seminar. “As the 2020 pandemic set in, it immediately became clear to us that thousands of IAs across the nation would soon be in a precarious position regarding their Inspection Authorization certification renewal and something had to be planned.”

“What continues to stand out with regard to the Concorde IA Renewal Series is the quality of the speakers at each event,” Schiavone said. “Our lineup of presenters — Collins Aerospace, JSSI, CAMP, Champion Aerospace, Michelin Aircraft Tire, Dassault Falcon Jet, Honeywell Aerospace, WAMA, and the FAA Safety Team — are recognized in the aviation industry as exceptional instructors. Their knowledge regarding their products and aspects of safety in the industry is what sets them apart. We could not have done it without them.”

“Each year, I’m approached by attendees who are so grateful — and

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