Avoiding loss of control on the ground

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Institute (ASI) has released the first video, Avoiding LOC-G, in a new four-part series aimed at addressing the most predominant general aviation mishaps.

“This first installment of the four-part series explores why pilots lose control on the ground, also known as LOC-G,” said Richard McSpadden executive director of the Air Safety Institute. “Avoiding LOC-G investigates the different types of these loss-of-control issues, what’s likely causing them, and what pilots can do to prevent them.”

The video emphasizes that discipline in maintaining positive control during approach, landing, and ground operations can save a lot of grief and money, AOPA officials note.

The remaining three episodes, scheduled to release later this year, include Avoiding Hard Landings, Avoiding Prop Strikes, and Avoiding Gear-Up Landings and Collapses.

The series is sponsored by AssuredPartners Aerospace (APA) and the United States Aircraft Insurance Group (USAIG).

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