Sport League racing season prepares for takeoff

The Sport Air Racing League‘s 2021 season takes off April 10, with the Sunrise Cross Country Challenge at Kaolin Field (KOKZ) in Sandersville, Georgia.

“This race has been the first event of the season for several years,” race organizers noted.

Often called “racing for the rest of us,” the Sport Air Racing League is open to pilots “who just want to fly fast.” Races are open to experimental, production, and vintage military aircraft.

“We are folks who will spend enormous amounts of time and outrageous amounts of money to make our aircraft move along at a quicker pace… and how better to flight-test those go-fast mods than to race?” officials say on the league’s website.

More than 30 pilots are expected to race in the 2021 inaugural race in Georgia, with racers coming from as far away as Arizona and Texas, officials noted.

Also on April 10, 2021, the Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX), in Angleton, Texas, is hosting a fly-in with an air racing seminar. This airport is the home of the Texas Gulf Coast 150 Air Race, which is slated for Oct. 2, 2021.

The line-up at the 2019 Mark Hardin Memorial Race in Terrell, Texas.

“Looking back on 2000, we must take note of the fact that the only cross country races to take place that year were Sport League format events,” organizers said. “Due to the small number of races, the Sport Air Racing League did not sanction any events, so no annual point championships were awarded. None the less, the Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race, the Texas Gulf Coast 150, the Sunrise Air Race, and the Ghost Run Air Race all took place.”

For 2021, the annual Mark Hardin Air Race will be held in Terrell, Texas. Race officials are waiting on airport construction to set a date for that popular race. Also on the schedule this year is the the AirVenture Cup, which is set to go on July 25, 2021. The final league event will be held in October, with officials saying they are waiting on plans

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