DJI Augments Education Roster With RoboMaster Tello Talent Drone

The TT Aims To Lower The Barrier Of Entry Into Robotics And AI Technology DJI has added RoboMaster TT Tello Talent to the newly established DJI Education division, adding a plethora of powerful capabilities to its predecessor, the Tello EDU. The RoboMaster TT includes everything popular about the Tello EDU with a new extension board to allow even more AI applications, added powerful hardware, including an open-source computing ESP32 chip, RGB 256 all-color LED light, dot matrix screen and a ToF sensor, along with a new swarming software for one-click seamless swarming capabilities with increased stability. The TT aims to lower the barrier of entry into robotics and AI technology through a fun toy drone, user-friendly, intuitive app and an exclusive curriculum system for students of all levels.

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