Classic Aero-TV: Canadian Pilots Speak Out – Privatization North of the Border

From 2017 (YouTube Version): Canadian Pilots Open Up To Aero-News At AirVenture… Canada has had a privatized Air Traffic Control System for some time. With the debate raging over privatization in the U.S., Aero-News stringer Maxine Scheer caught up with some Canadian GA pilots at AirVenture to ask them what it was like to fly under such a system. EAA Canadian Council member, Ian Brown, told Scheer that they don’t notice that it is a privatized system at all. “We get a bill once a year, and my bill for my RV is $68 per year for all Air Traffic Control services,” Brown said. He said it is his impression that most of the fear for GA pilots about a privatized system in the U.S. is who gets control of the system.

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