ANN's 'Airborne' News Program Wins International Media Award

Aviation’s Most Comprehensive Video News Program Scores A Telly! The ANN gig is a tireless one and is also one that doesn’t have a whole lot of glory attached to it — there’s simply too much work to do, to notice such things. Still; there are a few moments when we get a chance to see and know that we’re on the right track. Recently; ANN’s Airborne video news program, hosted by Kimberly Kay, supervised by Nathan Cremisino, and Executive Produced by Jim and Masako Campbell, won an international media award. For the first time in the Aero-News Network’s quarter century history (though this is the first year we were under consideration), the network brought home a Bronze People’s Telly award for our Airborne Unlimited news program. The show was shortlisted by the judges, then the people got to vote for our show (which, since December is now streamed on Roku and FireTV).

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