Aircraft you can buy and fly new in 2021

FLYER Picks…New piston singles to buy and fly from £28k! There’s some great choices in the world of single-engine piston aircraft that you can buy ready-to-fly here in the UK… This not a definitive list, just the popular choices that pop up among the FLYER team when we talk about what catches our attention when looking at what’s available. Spacek SD-1 Minisport This remarkable little machine is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune, in fact just a few quid under £28k inc VAT, to get a brand new aeroplane. Thanks to the SD-1 Minisport being a single-seat deregulated aircraft (SSDR), it’s also one that you can operate free of any regulation, and that you just need a microlight pilot’s licence and a medical to fly.  The Minisport is available with a choice of engines and can cruise at 90-100mph burning around 4.5 to 4.7litres of mogas per hour. When you consider that SD-1 has a fuel capacity of 35litres, that’s six hours of endurance! There’s a number of options, including tailwheel and tri-gear, and a BRS emergency whole aircraft parachute. Just one thing with this lightweight machine though, it’s got a maximum pilot weight of 105kg. Due to it’s remarkable performance the SD-1 is has been flown to a number of wins in the FAI European Microlight Championships.

Game Composites GB-1 Gamebird

From the mind of gifted German aircraft designer Philipp Steinbach, created and tested in the UK, and now manufactured in the US, the Gamebird from Game Composites, gained its EASA Certification in May 2017. 

An awesome all carbon-composite ultimate-level aerobatic aircraft, it’s good for +/- 10g, seats two in tandem, and can cruise at 200kt for a 1,000nm. Power is from a 303hp Lycoming.

FLYER’s US-columnist Dave Hirschman reckoned the GB1 is “…capable, versatile, and visually appealing, with the flexibility to accommodate many personal tastes. It can be graceful and smooth; forceful and rough; or it can span time zones traveling in a straight line.

All the while  conveying an exacting sense of precision and ergonomic thoughtfulness in every aspect of the way it looks, feels, and flies. The GB1 can take you where you want to go, any way you want to get there.”

The base price of $425,000 includes 10 hours training.

Cirrus Aircraft SR22T

In our opinion this is, by a significant margin,

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