JetPack’s Speeder flying motorcycle in tests

+VIDEO California-based JetPack Aviation has completed flight testing with the first prototype – P1 – of its Speeder jet-powered, VTOL flying motorcycle.

Flight testing began in December 2020, with two-axis tethers securing the platform, progressing through a single-axis tether and culminating in the aircraft flying with just a safety tether connection.

The programme achieved a series of test points aimed at proving the engine gimbal and articulated exhaust nozzle systems, as well as the flight controller. They all work together to give the Speeder its agility.

The tests demonstrated the Speeder’s ability to take-off, climb, hover, yaw and perform slow transitions into forward flight.

Artist’s impression of what JetPack’s Speeder will look like. Below: promo video

Construction of the next propotype, P1.5, has begun and this will ultimately fly off-tether. Flight testing is expected to begin later in summer 2021.

Later down the line, the following P2 prototype Speeder will have a fully formed body, small, field-removable wings, and forward canards.

JetPack Aviation said the aircraft is sufficiently compact to be transported in a car or motorcycle trailer, and immediately ready to fly, with no charging or other requirements.

The Speeder burns regular Jet A-1, kerosene, or diesel, but in a recent agreement with Prometheus Fuels, JetPack Aviation has committed to using 100% zero net carbon fuel in all its future operations.

JetPack Aviation is better known for its one-man jet backpacks, flown spectacularly by David Mayman.

JetPack Aviation

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