Classic Aero-TV: Aquatic WACO Update – WACO YMF-5F Builds Appeal

Float-Equipped Biplane Turns Heads At AirVenture WACO Aircraft brought its latest airplane, the YMF-5F Floatplane, to AirVenture this summer. When the aircraft was introduced last year, the company said that the combination of a new 300 HP engine, the new MT constant speed propeller and Aerocet 3400 Amphibious floats helped make this ambitious project a reality. This blending of equipment has allowed WACO to build a great performing, exceptionally fun, and beautiful WACO Amphibious float plane, the YMF-5F (The “F” is for Float, and Fun). In preliminary flight testing, performance both in the air and on the water have met and exceeded expectations, according to the company. The airplane exhibited water run times under 18 seconds, and in the air numbers nearly equal to conventional landing gear aircraft.

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