Aero-TV At OSH21: Launching The DA50 RG At Oshkosh

Take A Number! Diamond Hosts Its Busiest Booth In Years By the second day of Oshkosh, the DA50 RG was finally unveiled. The aircraft took flight over the Atlantic before making its debut launch. The DA50 RG made quite an impression on people, with a line to get in continuing all day long. We talked with Annemarie Mercedes Heikenwalder, Sales & Marketing at Diamond, about what makes this aircraft different from what else we’ve seen on the high-performance market. “Upfront you’ve got the Continental CD300 300 hp V6 engine. It roars at you,” says Annemarie. “It’s jet fuel-powered, so it sticks with our concept of developing that fuel line. She’s not all that thirsty, she’s just around 16 to 18 gallons depending on how you set the power,” Annemarie continued. “Range is around 700-750 miles.”

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