Cessna Crash Found Via iPad Location

Father/Daughter Duo Rescued Using Family Tracking Capability A father-daughter flight duo involved in a plane crash were rescued by location tracking capability of their devices, said rescuers. Teams initially believed they were dispatched for a recovery operation, only to find, with the assistance of family, that the crash coordinates could be found quickly for an accurate, timely rescue instead. Chief James Serafin of the Bear Creek Volunteer Hose Company told CNN that survivors of crashes in the area were rarely survivable, owing to the heavy forestation. The landing site took the survivors through a section of dense vegetation before coming to a halt in the cold Pennsylvania woods. “I can honestly say, I think every rescuer out there was planning this to be a recovery rather than a rescue, and nobody was more surprised than when I first got to the plane and found they were alive” said Sergeant John Richards, with the Pennsylvania State Police.

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