Savback and GHT Join to Create Ultra Light Helo

Targets Luxury Sports Car Market for Personal G-250 Variant Swedish helicopter specialty company Savback is working with Italian outfit GHT Helicopters to create an ultra-light helicopter, an affordable, reliable product suitable for personal ownership and flight training. With an eye towards Italian automotive styling and design history, Savback’s expertise in rotary-wing technology, and some outside-the-box thinking the pair see their offering as a dynamic addition to the quickly growing air mobility market. Using the base of GHT’s G-250 Eagle, a small capsule helicopter boasting low fuel consumption, FADEC, and performance belying its size, the companies are looking to create a more premium, upmarket version with striking styling and turbine-powered go-anywhere performance. The finishing touches of luxury interior styling, advanced avionics, a 100-knot top speed, and a 255 nm range will allow it to find a narrow but popular use case as a premium personal rotorcraft.

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