LA City Council Votes on Airport Closure

More Politifcal Nonsense: Whiteman Airport to be Swapped for 184 Acres of Chain Restaurants, Strip Malls, and Premium Housing? Whiteman Airport, nestled in the heart of the San Fernando Valley of California, is facing its end after a unanimous vote from the Los Angeles city council. A petition has begun in the local area in the hopes that their decision could be forestalled, but like many victims of creeping urban sprawl, the chances are not good that it will remain. The airport is located on what has over time become a rare open space in the area. Originally made as a small farmer’s air park in 1946 outside of Los Angeles, the surrounding region has become increasingly urbanized with the explosive growth of the state. In the 70’s the airport changed hands to the County of Los Angeles, eventually growing into a well-equipped, lit, paved runway capable of serving turboprop aircraft on its 4,100 foot runway.

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