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Short history of Love Air

Love Air in 2005
Love Air in 2005

Love Air has had many incarnations in cyberspace since LoveAir.co.uk was first registered in 2004. It began life as a hobby site about aviation history with a few galleries of aircraft and adviators.

Love Air airline logo
Love Air airline logo

It was born out of an idea inspired by a short flight from Lydd to Le Touquet in a light twin in the 1990s. The airline at the time was called Love Air which offered short flights from the UK to France from Lydd and Stansted. The airline operated from 1991 to 2000.

Ticket for a flight from Lydd to Le Touquet, June 1992

Love Air Dating Site

For many years it was an online dating site for pilots, cabin crew, and anyone else involved with or interersted in aviation in its many forms, both amateur and professional.

Love Air Dating 2008
Love Air Aviation Dating in 2012

Several versions of the dating site followed and for a time it enjoyed modest success. These were the early days of internet or online dating so there were far fewer sites offering this kind of service and Love Air was one of the first of its kind.

Love Air Aviation Dating in 2012
Love Air Aviation Dating in 2012

However, with increasing competition from large companies entering the online dating business the site ceased to be profitable and it was decided to close the the hangar doors on the matchmaking service for anyone interested in aviation…for now.

Love Air Dating for Aviation Lovers in 2015
Love Air Dating for Aviation Lovers in 2015.