Warbird Pinup Girls 2012 Calendar

Warbird Pinup Girls Calendar 2012 - 1Press Release from Warbird Pinup Girls

After much anticipation, we have finally released our newest classic. The “Warbird Pinup Girls”  2012  “The Bomb” calendar, featuring 12 new gorgeous
pinup girls and a selection of  WWII bombers.

The B-17 Memphis Belle graces the cover of this year along with the beautiful Paige Carson. Reminiscent of days gone by photographer Christian Kieffer throws back to the golden age of pinup girls and aircraft nose art, an American original. In this edition you will find some of the best examples of ready to fly WWII bombers  including  4, B-25  Mitchells  3, B-17s  along with many other classics.

Its hard to top yourself sometimes but I think we ramped it up a bit, I think its the “Bomb”  Christian Kieffer   --  Photographer/ Creator

The “Warbird Pinup Girls” is an annual calendar, which highlights the classic age of pinups and aircraft nose art. We offer and exciting and interactive website. There are veteran’s stories and expanded portfolios of each pinup girl. We are located at www.warbirdpinups.com

Warbird Pinup Girls Calendar 2012 - 2In addition to our new release we are also celebrating the new “Warbird Pinup Wines”, just out from Sonoma California, this is a true milestone. We offer a beautiful array of wines in our commemorative bottles featuring our 6 exclusive pinup girl designs. On the reverse label we spotlight an American veteran and tell a brief part of their stories. Veterans are from both past and present conflicts. A portion of the proceeds go’s to a military charity.

Available now at www.aimhighspirits.com

With the loss of the B-17 “Liberty Belle” this week (6/14/11) we are proud to have worked with her as this is one of the last times she was documented before she was engulfed in flames shortly after take off and was landed in a cornfield where she burnt to the ground. We are elated to see that no one was hurt but the liberty belle will be remembered forever in our new calendar.


Warbird Pinup Girls Calendar 2012 - 3

Warbird Pinup Girls Calendar 2012 - 4


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